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Facilities Management Consultant, Fiona Bowman will be presenting at the conference. For 25 years she has run some of the most iconic buildings in the City of London, including Lloyds of London, HSBC, Bank of America at Canary Wharf and Goldman Sachs.  She was also a Faculty Manager at London South Bank University and Interim Head of Facilities at Ravensbourne University at Greenwich.  But it is her experience as a survivor of Domestic Abuse when she lived and worked in Scotland several years before that, which gives her “Expert by Experience” status and she will share how her employers helped her escape and how important it is for colleagues and managers to understand that “ Hidden in Plain Sight” you may have staff, both male and female who are victims and how , by implementing very simple processes, businesses can assist staff who are experiencing Domestic Abuse.

Fiona Bowman

Facilities Management Consultant

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Julie Chew

Development Trainer


Amazing Development Opportunity to Meet your Needs
Would you like to be involved in a new development initiative through BACHE? Would you like to
learn the knowledge, skills and behavours that will support you in your current role and prepare
your for your future roles as you progress through your career?

Julie Chew, a highly skilled, passionate, personable development trainer and coach will give us an
overview of a modular programme that is being proposed on day one and a taster workshop on day two.
The Programme
It will start by looking at where you are now by increasing your self-awareness and highlighting your development needs. It will then look at where you want to be by establishing your current goals and aspirations for those for the future. Finally, it will look at how we are going to get there by creating a development/growth plan that will support you through your career journey.
There will be a number of modules that you can then attend which will build and embed your
knowledge, skills and behaviours to equip you for your current role and your future career choices.
Some examples will be how to best to manage yourself, including how to prioritise and allocate work effectively, how to delegate and how to manage your time. See attached potential overview of the modules for you to look at and provide feedback at the conference.
It is proposed to be flexible in its approach so you can join us for the whole journey and gain the full certificate or simply attend the modules that are important to you.
I hope you are as excited as we are with this new initiative. We want to make sure we develop
something that is going to fit your needs so this will be your opportunity at conference to input into
the planning stages so your thoughts and ideas can be included.

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