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Tuesday  11th July 2023


Wellbeing Walk from Clayton Hotel to Strathclyde University guided

Clayton Hotel

8:30 - 9:30


University of Strathclyde

9:30 - 10:30

Plenary 2: "Hidden in Plain Sight". Domestic Abuse Awareness for Managers and Colleagues – Fiona Bowman

10:40 -11:00


11:10 - 11:50


Recruitment, Retention & Forward Planning - Andy Baillie University of Strathclyde
Cleaning Services at Strathclyde University operates with a cleaning team with more
than 250 staff operating various shifts including day shift, back shift, night shift and also
weekends. Like most Universities Strathclyde have had major problems when it comes
to recruitment, this workshop will discuss the procedures we have followed to recruit
the staff we required. We will also discuss methods on how we streamlined the
procedures to speed up the process giving us a better opportunity to offer
appointments. Andy will also discuss a pilot scheme he has developed with local
councils in Scotland giving school leavers a taster session on potential career
opportunities within Facilities management in Universities.

Using a Wellness Action Plan -
This session is run by SAMH and
will introduce participants to the wellness action plan &
the importance of recognising their own mental health & wellbeing.

Career Pathways - Julie Chew

Amazing Development Opportunity to Meet your Needs
Would you like to be involved in a new development initiative through BACHE? Would you like to
learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will support you in your current role and prepare
your for your future roles as you progress through your career?

Julie Chew, a highly skilled, passionate, personable development trainer and coach will give us an
overview of a modular programme that is being proposed on day one and a taster workshop on day
The Programme
It will start by looking at where you are now by increasing your self-awareness and highlighting your
development needs. It will then look at where you want to be by establishing your current goals and
aspirations for those for the future. Finally, it will look at how we are going to get there by creating a
development/growth plan that will support you through your career journey.
There will be a number of modules that you can then attend which will build and embed your
knowledge, skills and behaviours to equip you for your current role and your future career choices.
Some examples will be how to best to manage yourself, including how to prioritise and allocate work
effectively, how to delegate and how to manage your time. See attached potential overview of the
modules for you to look at and provide feedback at the conference.
It is proposed to be flexible in its approach so you can join us for the whole journey and gain the full
certificate or simply attend the modules that are important to you.
I hope you are as excited as we are with this new initiative. We want to make sure we develop
something that is going to fit your needs so this will be your opportunity at the conference to input into
the planning stages so your thoughts and ideas can be included.

Conference Room 1

Conference Room 2

Conference Room 3




This session is the perfect opportunity for our delegates to view all the fantastic
products, services and innovations that are or will be available to our sector through
our chosen business partners and supply chain that currently or are looking to supply
the HE & FE Sector. To ensure maximum participation and maximum time with each
delegate attending the conference this session will be carried out on a speed dating
scenario where the delegates will be put into small groups and will go round the
Suppliers Market Place stand by stand each moving round once the allocated time has
elapsed. If there are any particular product or service of interest to you and your
organisation there will be time after the session to exchange, contact details and find
out further information.

13:30 - 14:30


14:30 - 16:30


As the conference content comes to an end and with the Gala dinner insight, the open
forum is an opportunity for members to ask the Executive team any questions. Question
topics are open, however could be related to topics in the conference, the direction
BACHE FM is taking or even FM hot topics for the future. The Executive team panel look
forward to answering your questions



Clayton Hotel



Clayton Hotel

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